Scare Tactics at Breaking bands Festival 2020!

We are thrilled to announce we have been added to the lineup for next years Breaking Bands Festival! Out of over 2100 applications, that feels like a pretty good accomplishment! Here are a few words from the Festival Bosses themselves.

´So, after much chatter we got into looking at the bands for Breaking Bands Festival 6. With over 2,100 applications we knew this was going to be another tough one so with the beers cracked, the speakers cranked, we got down to the watching and the listening and wow… some amazing stuff out there that we had not discovered!

We decided to go with 10 bands that really stood out first time to us. Some we knew, some we’d seen elsewhere and others we are taking a good old fashioned punt on, its what we do!´

Tickets can be purchased from the website with no booking fees, no postage fees, no extra costs at all!