Welcome Mr Marty ventura, the new guy!

You may have heard… We are back to full strength!

Big Shoes to fill

Earlier this year, we announced with heavy hearts that our long term guitarist and original member Paul had decided to step out of the band and the music scene. We wished him well and are still really good friends. This left us with the very difficult task of searching for someone to fill his shoes. We didnt just need a good guitarist to be able to keep with Andy, we needed someone who could sing too. A huge part of our sound comes from the dual vocal lines and we didnt want to lose that.

A new ad-ventura!

Áfter a few auditions with varous local (and some not so local guys), and some gigs with our friend Daniel Moran who was filling in on a temporary basis, we eventually found our man! Marty Ventura was officially offered the vacant position in Tactics, to which he accepted! And we were all glad he did! We knew Marty from the early Tactics days when he was gigging with his prog band Elephantom and we were very excited when he first showed interest. After his 1st audition he was very quick to ask about jamming again! Truth be told, after his first session we were all thinking he was the guy! Dude can play guitar and bass and is able to add the right kind of vocals to our music! We are looking forward to see what music we can create with the new line up in the future.